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Gandel Rehabilitation Center

World-class facility in Jerusalem for much-needed rehabilitation services for the people of Israel, opening 2024.

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A magnificent eight-story, modern world-class rehabilitation facility, it will be located adjacent to the historic Hadassah Hospital Mount Scopus, in the very heart of Israel. 

Bringing Hope 

Every year, the Gandel Rehabilitation Center will bring hope, recovery and improved quality of life to thousands of people right across Israel who need rehabilitation due to disease, illness or injury.

Gandel Foundation and the Gandel family have made a transformative gift to enable the realisation of the Gandel Rehabilitation Center at Hadassah Hospital Mount Scopus in Jerusalem, scheduled to open in early 2023. 

It is difficult to conceive of a more powerful or impactful contribution than restoring the independence, dignity and physical capabilities of terror victims, injured soldiers, stroke victims, and patients suffering from trauma or disease.

On announcing the landmark gift, Mr. John Gandel AC and Mrs. Pauline Gandel AC said:

We are incredibly proud to be involved with this strategic project which we know will, for the first time, provide a vital, first-class rehabilitation service and treatment.”

Mr. John Gandel AC and Mrs. Pauline Gandel AC

But we need your help to complete this important project and deliver much-needed rehabilitation services to the people of Israel. 

This is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of something special and support those most in need in Israel. Show your support and donate now.

Jerusalem – A City in Need

 Jerusalem has both the largest elderly population in Israel and the poorest. It is in dire need of rehabilitation facilities, with residents forced to travel long distances for treatment, often facing extensive delays which impact their chances of recovery. 

The region is growing rapidly and rehabilitation facilities in Jerusalem are stretched. There are currently only 38 rehabilitation beds to accommodate the more than 1.2 million residents in the greater Jerusalem area. These existing facilities are over half a century old."

Dr Tamar Elram

Director, Hadassah Mount Scopus

In addition to servicing elderly, disease-related, accident, injury and stroke victims, Jerusalem has extraordinary requirements for rehabilitation facilities as it is responsible for caring for the majority of:

  • IDF soldiers who can tragically acquire debilitating injuries in the line of duty
  • Civilian casualties of terrorist attacks
  • COVID patients requiring rehabilitation support

A three-way partnership

Recognising the extreme shortage of adequate and modern rehabilitation services in Jerusalem, the Government of Israel has partnered with Hadassah and philanthropy to fund this life-changing project

An agreement was reached with the Government of Israel to build the 132 bed, dedicated rehabilitation facility on the campus of Hadassah Mount Scopus at an estimated cost of USD117M.

With Government and existing international philanthropic commitments, as well as the leadership gift from the Gandel family and other contributions from Australia, great progress has been made towards securing the funding required for this top-priority strategic project. But there is still a significant amount that needs to be raised; a wonderful opportunity for you to support this once-in-a-generation capital campaign, Australia’s Gift to Jerusalem.

The Jewish community in Australia has always been a significant supporter of Israel, but this is truly a remarkable and transformative contribution. Through their immense generosity, leadership, and visionary gift, John and Pauline Gandel and their family, are providing a 21st-century realisation of the spirit and values of Henrietta Szold, the Founder of the Hadassah movement and of her famous words: 'Dream, and when you dream – dream big.'"

Ron Finkel

President, Hadassah Australia

Providing State-of-the-Art Facilities 

Currently at an advanced stage of construction, the Gandel Rehabilitation Center is a magnificent eight-story, 20,000 square-metre world-class rehabilitation facility located in Jerusalem, the very heart of Israel.

It will provide 132 inpatient beds, and extensive outpatient facilities with comprehensive and specialised cutting-edge rehabilitation services to those suffering from disease, illness, accident or injury.

Your support will change lives.

Please help the people of Israel. 

For further details about the facility visit our FAQ page.

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