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Spark of Life (JCIC)

The Jerusalem Crisis Intervention Center (JCIC), established in 2006 with funding from Hadassah Australia is the only philanthropically funded provider of timely mental health care for children suffering trauma. 

The JCIC is a child and adolescent psychiatry unit and walk-in crisis centre in a city with the highest rate of youth trauma in the country. As with Hadassah Hospital, the JCIC has an open-door policy, providing effective treatment options for children and youth, and their families, irrespective of their race, religion, nationality, gender or financial status.

Over $520,000 raised in a 24-hour campaign 

Donations help to fund a critically needed team of professionals for one year, delivering immediate treatment for children suffering psychological stress; early screening for anxiety, depression, PTSD and tailor-made treatment plans in crisis intervention. All donations were quadrupled by generous matcher donors and philanthropy groups. 

Help us save young lives

Support the at-risk children of Jerusalem today by donating to the Jerusalem Crisis Intervention Centre at Hadassah Hospital.

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