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Paediatric Intensive Care Unit

Hadassah Australia has long supported the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit at Hadassah. It has been one of the signature units of the century-old hospital, in a country which values its children above all else.

Thanks to Hadassah Australia's support, Hadassah Hospital's PICU has doubled the available beds so that close to 1,000 patients can be treated annually. It is the principal centre for medical care and post-surgical intensive care for critically ill babies and children from the entire greater area of Jerusalem – which includes over one million people. Children are also referred from across Israel and other countries as well.

PICU serves a broad age range of children–from newborn to age 14. Children with head trauma and multiple traumas; those who have undergone surgery to correct a wide variety of congenital defects, including various heart and neurological problems; and children who undergo bone marrow transplantations will all be cared for in the new PICU.

On any given day at PICU, critically ill babies and young children lie in incubators and patient bays, connected to sophisticated electronic instruments that save, sustain, and monitor their lives.