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Hadassah International

Hadassah International is a humanitarian organisation which supports the work of Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. 

Hadassah International is a humanitarian organization spanning five continents, comprised of men and women of all faiths and nationalities who support the work and ideals of Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. Through the universal language of medicine, Hadassah International builds bridges to nations by initiating and hosting symposia where Hadassah’s health care professionals share their expertise. It also supports cooperative research and clinical ventures between Hadassah and medical and scientific institutions around the world. Established in 1983, Hadassah International affiliates are located in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australasia. 

The mission of Hadassah International is to: 
  • Enhance the image of Israel through the work of the Hadassah Medical Center.
  • Provide support for Hadassah Hospital so that it remains an academic centre of excellence for healing, teaching, and research.
  • Serve as a bridge to nations through medicine.