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Gifts In Will

Gifts In Wills

Your Gift in Will leaves a lasting legacy and can help change lives. Anyone can leave a Gift in Will, however large or small.

Family and loved ones always come first when it comes to thinking about your Will. After making sure of this, you might also consider leaving a Gift in Will to Hadassah Charity Limited (Hadassah Australia) as a lasting legacy.

Inspired by the remarkable vision and values of Hadassah Founder, Henrietta Szold, we are dedicated to making a difference through health.

Your generosity can help transform innovative ideas into life-saving treatments that can benefit future generations.

Your legacy can also advance and fund important collaboration among leading international researchers and medical professionals aimed at improving healthcare in Israel, Australia and globally.

When you leave a Gift in Will to Hadassah Australia, you can be certain in the knowledge that we are committed to creating a thriving, diverse, equal, and inclusive Israel through impactful health programs.

To find out more about the projects being supported by Hadassah Australia or to confidentially discuss leaving a gift in your Will, please contact Executive Director Ruth R Rosen or phone us on (03) 9272 5600.

The importance of making a will 

Making a clear, legally valid Will, is the best way to ensure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes and your charitable interests are respected.

Hadassah Australia has partnered with ‘Willed’, an online platform that enables you to complete your legally binding Will in a few simple steps (below).

Alternatively, we suggest that you seek independent legal advice from your Solicitor, State or Public Trustee or Trustee Company when preparing this important document. Once you have made sure your loved ones and family are provided for, there are a number of ways you can leave a gift to Hadassah Australia in your Will.

How do I make a Will? 

Further Information

Type of Gifts

Residuary Gift 

The residue of your estate is what is left after loved ones are provided for and any outstanding debts have been paid. A residuary gift could be a percentage or the whole of the residue of your estate. A gift left in this way will not lose its value over time and is best way to ensure that family and loved ones come first, while also providing the most possible help to Hadassah Australia 

Pecuniary Gift 

This is a gift of a fixed amount of money or other property such as shares. However, it is worth pointing out that the effects of inflation could mean that the actual value of this gift is reduced over time. If you are considering leaving a cash gift, we respectfully suggest that you consider inflation-proofing the legacy. Please see Information for Solicitors Making a Will for an example of how this can be done. 

Specific Gift 

This is the gift of a specific item such as property, art or jewellery which can be sold to support our work. You can decide whether you want to specify how your gift is used, or simply trust us to put your gift to its very best use. As we face new medical challenges in the future, the more flexibility we have to invest your gift in the best way possible, the better our chances of saving lives. 

Information for Solicitors making a Will 

Please assure your client that their Gift is deeply appreciated and will be used to provide maximum benefit in support of the pioneering work of Hadassah Hospital.

Information for Solicitors Making a Will
Suggested Wording for Will

I give Australian Dollars $.......… to Hadassah Charity Limited (Hadassah Australia) ABN 63 612 863 064 as a gift and the receipt of a duly authorised officer of Hadassah Australia shall be sufficient discharge for my Executors. 

I bequeath <<_____ percent of my residual Estate/ the sum of AUD$_____ (choose one alternative)>> to Hadassah Charity Limited (Hadassah Australia) ABN 63 612 863 064. 

I declare that the receipt of the secretary, trustee or other officer of Hadassah Charity Limited (Hadassah Australia) is sufficient release for the executors of the Estate. 

Organisation Information

Registered Name: Hadassah Charity Ltd

ABN: 63 612 863 064
Postal Address: PO Box 2400, Caulfield, Vic 3161

Incorporated as a public company limited by guarantee on 17 June 2016. 

Endorsed as an income tax exempt charitable entity under Subdivison 50-B of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997. Endorsed as a deductible gift recipient under Subdivision 30-BA of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997. 

Maximising Your Client’s Bequest 

With some extra thought in estate planning, your client’s gift to Hadassah Australia can be made in a more tax-effective way, creating the potential for a larger charitable bequest or a greater amount leftover for other beneficiaries: 

Tax Exempt 

Hadassah Australia (ABN 63 612 863 064) is endorsed as a deductible gift recipient (DGR) and is fully tax exempt. 

Capital Gains Tax and In Specie Transfer of Assets such as Shares 

Hadassah Australia is exempt from capital gains tax (CGT). This means that assets subject to CGT such as investment properties or shares which are transferred to Hadassah Australia ‘in specie’ will not be subject to tax on the capital gains. 

To notify us of your intentions

Executive Director Ruth R Rosen or phone us on (03) 9272 5600

Email Melbourne Office