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Ethiopian nursing scholarships

The Ethiopian nursing scholarship program plays a vital role in ensuring the future of the nursing profession in Israel. Hadassah is facilitating the training of nurses from underprivileged Ethiopian communities and ensuring ethnic and cultural representation in the field of nursing.


Author: Jarred Sibel

Trauma and Crisis Intervention

The Jerusalem Crisis Intervention Center (JCIC) is saving young lives in a city with the highest rate of youth trauma in Jerusalem, where many of the young clients who come to the JCIC have a time-critical need.



Our impact


The weekly cost for medical clowns to work 54 hours at Hadassah


people provided with hospital care every year


young people seen and referred to The Jerusalem Crisis Intervention Center each year


  • Pollin Center Cookbook Demystifies Sweetener Choices

    Wishing one another “a sweet New Year” is a familiar phrase that expresses our joy at High Holiday time. Now, thanks to a new cookbook published by the Hadassah Medical Organization’s Linda Joy Pollin Cardiovascular Wellness Center for Women, we can all make better choices as to exactly which sweetener is best for us. Read more

  • Prof. Sigal Sviri: Overcoming the Tough Medical Challenges

    Prof. Sigal Sviri is the director of the unit at Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem where frequently a patient’s organs are failing all at once, and the challenge is to stabilize everything. It’s the unit that cares for patients with severe, complex medical problems – the Medical Intensive Care Unit, known as the MICU. Read more