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Ukraine Emergency Mission

Thank you for supporting Hadassah's Ukraine Emergency Mission

We see the despair on the refugees’ faces when they arrive at our clinic, but when they hear the name Hadassah they breathe easier. They know that there is someone they can trust and rely on."

Dr Shaul Beyth

Orthopaedic surgeon, Hadassah Hospital 

Consistent with its commitment and long tradition, Hadassah did not hesitate to send resources and personnel to help in the unfolding tragic situation, sending a special Hadassah Humanitarian Mission to establish a refugee treatment centre on the Poland-Ukraine border.

Specialist doctors and nurses from Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem were on the ground, in the freezing cold of the European winter. The Hadassah Mission worked tirelessly to treat refugees – children, elderly, women and men, who fled the horrors of the war.

Treating patients in the refugee center at the Ukrainian-Polish border.

Providing medication in coordination with Ukrainian Ministry of Health.

Training local staff about mass-casualty and serious trauma incidents.

Assessing trauma and emergency equipment in local hospitals.

Hadassah – always at the forefront, urgently responding to mass-casualty events worldwide. 

This is what we do. Since Hadassah's foundation more than a century ago, we have not only provided exceptional care at our facilities but reached out across the world to people struggling with trauma. This is in our DNA, bequeathed to us by Henrietta Szold, the founder of Hadassah."

Ron Finkel AM

President, Hadassah Australia

The Hadassah leadership in Israel has airlifted people wounded by war and cancer patients to its hospitals in Jerusalem. 

I’m proud of the many staff members who volunteered for this mission. A Zionist organization such as Hadassah, which treats refugees on Polish soil, is the living embodiment of the Israeli spirit of giving and humanitarianism in the most important of times."

Prof. Yoram Weiss

Acting Director-General of Hadassah Medical Organisation