With sincere thanks to Australian Jewish Funders and their CatchaFire initiative, the Board and staff of Hadassah Australia recently undertook a strategic review of our organisational Vision, Mission and Values statements.

We felt it was time to update and truly reflect the programs that we love and support, connecting the Australian community with Israel.

It is important to express the inspiration we take from Hadassah Founder, Henrietta Szold, who launched the Hadassah movement in 1912 with a commitment to deliver better health outcomes for the population of Palestine at that time. We see ourselves as heirs to that commitment. We want to make a difference to health outcomes for all communities in Israel.

We hope that our readers, supporters and donors find inspiration in how we have come to the following expression of our Vision, Mission and Values.

Our Vision

Hadassah Australia creates sustainable social impact through healthcare and collaborative medical research to support a thriving, inclusive Israeli community and improve global health.

Our Mission

Inspired by the vision and values of Hadassah Founder, Henrietta Szold, Hadassah Australia is committed to creating a thriving, diverse, equal and inclusive Israel by supporting healthcare programs that:

  • Provide undergraduate scholarships in health for young Ethiopian-Israelis
  • Reinforce the excellence of treatment at Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem.
  • Advance innovative medical research
  • Improve the lives of young people facing trauma
  • Support acute rehabilitation services
  • Enhance early childhood development

Our Values

In striving to create positive social impact through healing programs in Israel, our guiding principles are commitment, respect, and trust. We celebrate the creativity, passion and teamwork that enhance our engagement with program partners and generous supporters.

8 March 2022

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