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End The Silence

#End The Silence
Hear The Truth

Weaponising sexual violence is never acceptable. Not anywhere.

Warning: This page contains graphic descriptions of sexual violence.

On October 7, women were raped, sometimes so violently that their legs and pelvic bones were broken.

Women were shot in their vaginas and breasts.

Girls were found dead, stripped naked, genitals mutilated and covered with blood and semen

The atrocities are difficult to process, but we must hear the truth.

Beheaded bodies, bodies with missing limbs and bodies with mutilated faces were found.

Two dead women were found with legs and hands tied to their beds, one of whose genitals were stabbed with a knife and internal organs removed.

An innocent woman was thrown to the ground and beheaded with a shovel. Her head then rolled along the ground.

A woman’s corpse was found with dozens of nails driven into her groin and thighs.

Terrorists gang raped women.

Even dead women were raped.

Hamas terrorists posted videos celebrating these brutal acts.

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These are war crimes. We can’t ignore them.

Hadassah has been speaking out for women and the people of Israel for 112 years. Now is the time to speak out for these victims. #EndTheSilence

End The Silence.
Hold Hamas Accountable.

Hamas terrorists filmed and shared videos of the countless women and girls they raped and mutilated. Their heinous acts are war crimes. We must hold Hamas accountable and show the world that we will not allow rape to be used as a weapon of war.


There is a long history – millennia long – of gender-based violence in war. Most recently in Ukraine, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and now in Israel. Holding Hamas terrorists accountable for their crimes is essential. Together, we must send a clear message that weaponizing sexual violence is never acceptable. We will not allow it. Not in Ukraine. Not in Rwanda. Not in Israel. Not anywhere.

Healing Victims

We cannot forget the survivors of sexual violence. Left untreated, the effects of these crimes can last years or even a lifetime, with many victims contemplating or even dying by suicide. For many victims of prior sexual violence, the events of October 7 have triggered post-traumatic responses.Hadassah's Bat Ami Center for Victims of Sexual Abuse helps heal victims physically, mentally and emotionally with state-of-the-art treatment methods. Since the war began experts from the centre have advised extensively on treatment of sexual violence survivors and of returning hostages.

The facts are irrefutable, as documented by eyewitness accounts, autopsies and forensic evidence, videos and photos, as well as the following sources and others: The New York Times, Washington Post, Haaretz, Times of Israel, Los Angeles Times, BBC, Jerusalem Post, ABC News, The Guardian and National Review.