Hadassah Australia creates sustainable social impact through healthcare and collaborative medical research to support a thriving, inclusive Israeli community and improve global health.

Two problems, one solution

Hadassah-Achotenu’s Nursing Scholarship in Health are closing Israel’s nursing gap and providing a career path for disadvantaged Ethiopian-Israelis.


Author: Jarred Sibel

Dream Doctors

Dream Doctors, also known as medical clowns, empower patients and staff by reducing stress levels in young patients and freeing up time for medical staff to provide their services.



Early childhood development - Goshen

The Goshen Project was initiated by Hadassah Australia and is based on the pioneering work of Professor Frank Oberklaid, which seeks to address the treatment of chronic illnesses among children as well as developmental and behavioural problems.




  • Helping Children Deal with Trauma

    13-year-old Meirav was hit by a car near her home in Jerusalem in the spring of 2021. Her injuries were minor but the emergency care physicians at the Hadassah Medical Organization who first saw the pale and silent teen diagnosed her with post-traumatic stress and referred her for help. Read more

  • Twin births don’t automatically require C-sections, says Hadassah Ob-Gyn

    The worldwide rate of giving birth to twins is at an all-time high. Does every double blessing mean a caesarean section for a safe birth? No, says Prof. Anat Walfisch, head of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Hadassah Mount Scopus. Read more

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