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Celebrating a Simcha - Mazel Tov Rachel and Izzy!

Rachel Feldman and Issy Rubenstein, with Hadassah Australia Executive Director Ruth Rosen

When we heard that Rachel Feldman and Izzy Rubenstein were keen to donate to Hadassah, we asked why they chose the Medical Clowns.

They were very clear. Before their Bat Mitzvah celebration in November last year, Rachel and Izzy knew that they wanted to request donations in lieu of gifts. They wanted funds raised to go towards supporting children in Israel. 

After careful thought, they decided that Hadassah’s Medical Clown Program was the perfect match. They loved the fact that medical clowns are able to reduce the stress levels in children, making it easier for doctors and nurses to manage which often means a shorter hospital stay for the children. 

Rachel and Izzy were each presented with a Hadassah Certificate of Appreciation by Executive Director, Ruth Rosen, gratefully acknowledging their wonderful generosity in supporting the Hadassah Medical Clowns Program. Thank you, Izzy and Rachel – your thoughtful kindness is inspiring!

And Hadassah’s senior medical clown, DuSh Barashi, was similarly touched by the gift and prepared a thank you video for the girls.

Rachel Feldman and Izzy Rubenstein

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16 February 2023
Category: News