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Bringing Joy to Kids’ Hospital Experiences

Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital's Head of Paediatrics, Prof Ariel Tenenbaum, and department administrator, Poriya Amster, recognised the power of art to create a more cheerful atmosphere for patients and their families. Thanks to generous donations, the foyer of the third floor of the Charlotte E. Bloomberg Mother and Child Centre was transformed into a vibrant art exhibit.

Students from Jerusalem’s Bezalel Academy of Art and Design contributed to this project by creating joyful paintings that depicted the Gaza-border communities as they appeared before 7 October.

The bright colours and happy scenes of biking, fields, tractors, and playtime immediately bring smiles and spark conversations among both young and old visitors.

“The project offers a rare combination of innocent paintings full of beauty and hope alongside the privilege to support and sympathise with the residents of the Gaza border communities,” says Prof Tenenbaum.

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14 May 2024
Category: News