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Story of Resilience: Menahem and Ofer

From different walks of life, Menahem, a 22-year-old soldier injured during the October 7th invasion in Kissufim, and Ofer Ohana, 52, a seasoned MDA medic critically wounded in Kiryat Arba a year ago, have found common ground in their pursuit of rehabilitating their wounds.

Ofer, with his wisdom and experience, extends words of encouragement to Menahem: "I can tell you that you won't believe how far you'll go. With strong determination, support from your family, and the amazing team here, you will become stronger and get back to yourself. The team here has helped me discover the strength and belief in myself. They do holy work and have dedicated themselves to my recovery, and I give my all to the process."

Professor Isabella Schwartz, the Director of the Rehabilitation Department at Hadassah Mount Scopus shares, "Ofer's injuries were extensive and severe. He was referred to our rehabilitation department to begin his challenging path to recovery. Our dedicated team, including doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, social workers, and occupational therapists, all accompany him in his various daily treatments, delivering expert care with a lot of patience while instilling in him self-belief and hope. He has proved how strong he is and has made amazing progress in his daily rehabilitation. Ofer is an inspiration to soldiers and civilians alike who arrive here after enduring serious injuries, and he now assists them in their rehabilitation process."

In the photo: Menahem, Ofer, and Maayan, the physiotherapist from the rehabilitation department at Mount Scopus.

13 November 2023
Category: News