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Meet Sari and Yonatan – Achotenu graduates

Meeting Sari and Yonatan, graduates of the Hadassah-Achotenu Scholarship Program, was a joy! 

They shared their beautiful story with Dorit Jaffe and Ruth Rosen: Two individuals from different parts of Israel who met in the first year of their Achotenu nursing course and fell in love, married, moved to Jerusalem to study and live through COVID, then had a baby, and finally, after five years, successfully graduated. Both Sari and Yonatan now work as nurses at Hadassah Ein Kerem and their baby is being happily looked after in Hadassah’s onsite childcare centre. 

Yonatan spoke about his wish to begin his Master of Nursing studies and Shari shyly noted that she hadn’t yet decided on a specific area of nursing specialisation but loves her current work. They are an inspiring, warm and enthusiastic couple who explained that they want to be strong role models for their young daughter, showing her the benefits of academic study and work in an area of need for the community.

The meeting was emotional for them, and touching for us when both Shari and Yonatan warmly and sincerely thanked our Australian supporters for enabling their journeys and their futures.

While each individual Achotenu story is different each tells a story of success and impact. It is an honour to be part of this program.

L-R: Dorit Jaffe, Sari, Yonatan, Ruth Rosen

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15 March 2023
Category: News