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Saving Lives Together: Fundraising for the ORSIM device

This piece of essential medical equipment will significantly enhance patient care and medical training at Hadassah Hospital, ensuring improved outcomes and saving lives.

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ORSIM device fundraising

Help save lives in Hadassah Hospital Intensive Care and Anaesthetic Department

Following the tragic events of October 7th, Australian Associate Professor Joel Symons felt compelled to journey to Israel. Motivated by a profound sense of duty, he dedicated two weeks to volunteering his expertise as a senior anaesthesiologist at Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem.

For Joel, this experience was transformative. 

At Hadassah, doctors, nurses, therapists — Jewish, Muslim, and Christian — are delivering the highest standard of care to patients of all backgrounds.

In my initial hours at Hadassah Hospital, what struck me profoundly was the remarkable orderliness and cohesion of the medical teams drawn from all parts of Israeli society - Jewish, Muslim, Christian, and Palestinians. The sense of unity and collaboration was unlike anything I had ever witnessed before in my life. This exemplifies the beauty of Israel, where such seamless teamwork occurs every single day at Hadassah Hospital."

A/Prof Joel Symons

Specialist Anaesthetist, The Alfred Hospital and Associate Professor, Department of Critical Care, University of Melbourne.

Inspired by this impactful encounter, Joel initiated a lifesaving campaign to raise funds for a crucial medical equipment desperately needed at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem.

The primary goal is to secure the ORSIM, a meticulously designed portable device aimed at training anaesthetists, intensivists, and emergency physicians in fiber optic skills through simulation. These skills are indispensable in managing complex intubations and bronchoscopies in acute and critical care settings.

Please join us in making a difference on the ground during these very challenging times for Israel. 

Your support will have a direct and meaningful impact on patient care and medical education at Hadassah Hospital.

Donate now and be a part of this lifesaving mission.

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