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Hadassah Researchers Highlight Medical Benefits of Psychedelic Mushrooms

A recent study conducted at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical Center sheds light on the potential medical benefits of psychedelic mushrooms and underscores the potential of natural psychedelic compounds in providing innovative and personalized treatments for psychiatric disorders.

Led by doctoral student Orr Shahar and Dr. Alexander Botvinnik, under the guidance of researchers Dr. Tzuri Lifschytz and psychiatrist Prof. Bernard Lerer, the research suggests that psilocybin-containing mushroom extract could offer superior efficacy compared to chemically synthesized psilocybin, particularly in stimulating neuroplasticity and promoting the development of new connections between nerve cells.

The study, which focused on synaptic plasticity in adult male mice, revealed promising insights into the therapeutic potential of natural psychedelic compounds for psychiatric disorders. The researchers found that mushroom extract could have a more potent and prolonged impact on synaptic plasticity compared to chemically synthesized psilocybin.

These findings are significant in light of the growing number of people worldwide who do not respond to traditional pharmaceutical interventions for psychiatric conditions. With approximately 40% of people suffering from depression and others struggling with OCD and schizophrenia not finding relief from current medications, there is an urgent need for innovative solutions.

Psychedelic drugs, including psilocybin, are emerging as promising alternatives.

The research, recently published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry, focused on the head-twitch response, synaptic proteins related to neuroplasticity, and metabolomic profiles in the frontal cortex of mice. The results suggest that psilocybin-containing mushroom extract may offer unique therapeutic effects that cannot be achieved with psilocybin alone.

While Western medicine has historically preferred isolating active compounds over using extracts, the study highlights the potential benefits of using whole extracts, particularly in psychedelic medicine.

Controlled cultivation of mushrooms allows for the production of replicable extracts, overcoming challenges related to inconsistent compound profiles.

Overall, the study underscores the potential of natural psychedelic compounds in providing innovative and personalized treatments for

psychiatric disorders, including depression, anxiety, addiction, anorexia,

obesity, cluster headaches, Alzheimer's, PTSD and a variety of personality

disorders, offering hope to those who have not found relief in conventional medications.

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18 March 2024
Category: News