In 2007 when Yisareg was nine years old, she and her family made Aliyah from Ethiopia. The oldest of five children, she lived with her family in a Beersheva absorption center for four years before moving to Rishon Lezion where she attended high school.

Her decision to study nursing was not a difficult one. “I deeply connect with, and love nursing. It’s a combination of medical, emotional and physical help which together demands patience, tolerance and understanding - all aimed at saving a life.”

But while Yisareg knew with certainty that she wanted to devote herself to nursing, she was less clear about how to achieve her goal. University seemed beyond her reach both academically and financially.

The Ethiopian Nursing Scholarship program offered Yisareg the chance to make her longheld dream a reality. She says it was a gift that she never expected to receive.

The corona crisis during her preparatory (mechina) year presented new challenges as studying remotely from home was exceedingly difficult due to the crowded conditions. Yet despite the significant challenges posed by COVID, Yisareg passed her preparatory year exams.

Having commenced the first academic year of her degree in October and despite the course still being taught via Zoom, Yisareg made a decision to return to the university dorms where she can study in relative quiet and where all her living expenses are covered by the scholarship - an important cost-saving for her family.

“I want to thank the Australian donors who are making it possible for me to concentrate all my efforts on earning my Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. I am grateful that I have no financial worries which would make this exceedingly overwhelming for me."

Thank you for helping me to realise my dream and for giving my family hope. We are all deeply appreciative.

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