No Syrian Child Should Die On Our Watch

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These are some of the lucky children who were transferred to Ziv from the Syrian border. If not for Israel, these children would have died.


Israel can save the lives of Syrian children, but it needs our help TODAY.

The air had barely cleared from the senseless and immoral gassing of unarmed civilians in Syria when Israel sent word that it would consider treating some of the affected children.

Particularly at the Ziv Hospital in Tzefat (Safed), this was no empty gesture; it follows more than four years of quiet medical diplomacy in which hundreds of chronically and critically-ill Syrian children have been treated at hospitals in the Upper Galilee.
The medical infrastructure in southern Syria has been destroyed.

Let’s be clear about what is at stake.

If we don’t treat these children NOW they will die.

To provide support for these Syrian children, Ziv Medical Center in Tzefat needs far more than our cheering from the stands.

It needs an immediate injection of funds to assist in the absorption and treatment of Syrian children who will travel to Ziv in the next few weeks. Among the resources required will be specialist translators to assist medical staff at the hospital.

If we are to treat these children in a time-critical way we need to raise $75,000.

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