Twenty-five year old Shimrit from Afula is the youngest of seven children. In fact, she is the only one who was born in Israel. All of her siblings and parents made Aliyah from Ethiopia.

Now that she has successfully completed her pre-academic preparatory (mechina) program, which she found intense but fulfilling, she is delving into her first year of academic nursing studies.

Shimrit admits that the level of difficulty is higher — particularly the challenge of learning via Zoom — a necessity due to the COVID pandemic. She is finding the studies interesting and engaging, but confides that she does not think she would have made it through the preparatory year without the support of the tutors and counsellors provided through her scholarship.

Shimrit is excited and grateful to have the opportunity to study nursing, a field close to her heart. It has been Shimrit’s dream for as long as she can remember to help those most in need.

With six siblings at home, Shimrit always knew that her parents would be unable to put her through university, which is why the nursing scholarship is such a boon - giving Shimrit the “freedom from financial worry” that she needs to successfully complete her degree.

It covers all her living expenses, tuition fees, books, a computer and stationery. Thankfully, because of the support, she does not have to work while she is studying and can fully concentrate on her degree.

"When I met the other students in the program, it became clear to me that we all had two things in common: We all felt like nursing was our calling, but we honestly believed it would always be beyond our reach."

To the Australian donors who support us, I would like to say, thank you. You have made our dreams come true.

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