This is the story of our family . an ordinary family who decided to do something less ordinary . we decided to move to the other side of the planet and live in Australia. The story starts as always by chance. A professor my wife met at work planted the seed . from there things picked up really fast. Or did they ? apparently the process of getting all the proper organizations to acknowledge and aprrove of our moving to Australia took more than we thought it will take. It took a lot of patience and the help from our friends in the RCH and AUSIMED/Hadassah .So a few months late we finally got the most expexted mail that said we are welcome to come and stay in auz.


The Prusak Family

Hadassah International news

Dear Hadassah International Supporters around the Globe.

We know that you have all been horrified to learn of the terrible terrorist attacks in Belgium today.

We have heard from the Board of Directors of Hadassah Belgium. We are grateful that they and their families are all safe.

Prof. Maurice Sosnowski, the President of Hadassah Belgium is a physician. He was called to the hospital to treat victims in the Emergency Room. He fears there will be many more casualties than have been announced. The hospital he is working in has not received any additional victims as the hospital itself has received a bomb threat! He says it is a disaster.

Our deep-felt prayers are with the people of Belgium as they try to deal with the loss of life and help the many wounded.

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