At 21 years old, Salant is among the youngest of the students in the fourth cohort of the Ethiopian Nursing Scholarship program. She lives with her three siblings in the Krayot suburbs, outside of Haifa.

Salant found the pre-academic program challenging. Much of the subject matter, although interesting, was very new to her. The challenge was further exacerbated by the need to divert to remote learning in February, due to the onset of the Covid pandemic. However, with the support of the program director, tutors and counsellors, Salant succeed in her exams and started the first year of the academic track in October. Like much of her preparatory year, it is being conducted by Zoom.

Despite the classes continuing to be held remotely, Salant has nonetheless returned to her university dorm. Here she has peace and quiet to study (unlike at home) and the support of her fellow students. Living at the dorm is also a great cost-saving for her family.

Since high school, Salant has been interested in doing meaningful work in the medical field. “I love helping people. The ability to hear or administer treatments brings me great joy,” she said.

Salant is revelling in her course because it takes her one step closer to her dream of being a nurse.

Although she does not receive financial help from her family, thanks to her scholarship which covers all her living expenses, tuition fees, books, a computer and stationery, she does not have to work to support herself through university.

I send all my thanks to the Australian donors for this precious gift. If I had to work to support myself, I would never have the time I need to study hard and pass my exams. Because of you, I can focus fully on my studies without any outside distractions.

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