Rivka, 23 years old, is the eighth of nine children, and grew up in Gedera. Her father is a Rav of the local Ethiopian community and her mother is a housekeeper.

The preparatory (mechina) program was very intensive for Rivka, but very worthwhile. While the second semester was more difficult — since all the lectures took place via Zoom due to the onset of COVID — Rivka feels that it served as an excellent bridge to the academic studies which began in September of this year.

“We are learning about nursing in depth, and thanks to the fact that all the lectures are uploaded to the university’s website — because classes are held remotely — I am better able to keep up with the material. Of course, all this is new to me and there are some things that I find hard to understand. But we are very lucky because we have Michal, the program coordinator, a counsellor, tutoring - all the help we need in order to learn and not fall behind."

From a very early age, Rivka wanted to work in the healthcare system. During her national service, she worked in a clinic and witnessed the vital importance of the nursing staff’s assistance and help. However, as one of nine children, she knew her family would never be able to support her through a nursing degree.

“The scholarship is an answer to my prayers. Truly. It means I am able to devote my time solely to my studies, with a clear head. I do not have to concern myself or be distracted by financial issues. "

Australian donors are doing a huge mitzvah by enabling people like me to learn. I cannot thank you enough.

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