Podcast featuring Itay Chowers, MD, Professor of Ophthalmology, and Chairman at the Division of Ophthalmology of the Hadassah – Hebrew University Medical Center. 

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Hadassah Medical Organization actually began with eye care. When Henrietta Szold and her mother Sophie visited pre-State Israel all the way back in 1909, they were horrified to see children with flies in their eyes. Their mothers didn't even bother to brush them away because they would just come back. Two public health nurses were dispatched in 1913 as Hadassah's first project: to cure trachoma.

Although that dreaded disease is endemic in many countries in the world, you won't see it in Israel today. A hundred years later, Hadassah's outstanding ophthalmology department is marking its centennial. It is known for groundbreaking treatment and care that may save our eyesight, and it has served as a foundation for clinical and academic ophthalmology in the United States. Professor Itay Chowers joins the show to share fascinating stories of groundbreaking treatments, to discuss his vision and goals as the new Chair of the Department of Ophthalmology at Hadassah Medical Organization and to share exciting innovations and research going on in eye care today.