Medical Collaborations

Medical Collaborations

Peace in Sight

St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital, in collaboration with Hadassah hospital has received €500,000 to establish a genetic research unit to serve the Palestinian communities. Here is a video message from Professor Hugh Taylor AC on this project.

St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital was established in 1885 and has built a well-deserved reputation for fine ophthalmic care in the region. The primarily Palestinian population that it serves faces many health challenges, not the least being serious eye-disease. Much of this eye disease is driven by the very high incidence of consanguineous marriages.

The main activities of the project will involve…

  • Training a Palestinian Ophthalmologist from SJEHG at HMC in molecular genetics and clinical management.
  • Study in depth 100 – 200 Palestinians with hereditary eye diseases to identify the most common.
  • Establish a fully functional Genetic Disease Lab at St John Eye Hospital, Jerusalem.
  • Collecting samples from recruited Palestinians and identifying the most common genetic patterns of inherited ocular diseases in the Palestinian population.
  • Provide counselling for prevention of disease transmission.
  • Explore novel treatment modalities including gene and cell-based therapies.
  • Increase awareness of targeted beneficiaries on an individual basis.
  • Facilitate access or travel permits with the Israeli Civil Administration.

Collaborative initiatives such as this one between St John and Hadassah can go a significant way to building bridges to better understanding between Israelis and Palestinians.

The grant of €500,000 for the three year Peace in Sight project constitutes around 80% of the total project cost. Hadassah Australia is seeking to raise A$50,000 to assist with the completion of this important project.

Late 2016, Hadassah Australia held a luncheon at the RANZCO Conference for Ophthalmologists, to raise awareness and funds for this project.

Watch this video for more on the Ophthalmology Department at Hadassah Hospital.

The collaborations between Hadassah and St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital.

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