Hadassah's Wohl Institute provides tools for researchers to advance

In the six months since opening, the Wohl Institute has already made waves in the medical research community for its sophisticated equipment and wide scope of projects. Read more

Join the Hadassah, Let Us Be Healed Challenge

Have you seen the beautiful LET US BE HEALED Video? Now you can participate in an exciting Challenge. Read more

Hadassah saves preschooler following deathstalker scorpion bite

When a 4-year-old girl was recently stung by a yellow scorpion known as the deathstalker, one of her parents decided to try a home cure first. By the time she arrived at Hadassah Hospital Mount Scopus several hours later, however, she was seriously ill. Read more

Medical miracle at Hadassah: Surgeons save man with rod through his head

About four weeks ago, Kamel Abdel Rahman went to see how the construction was going on in his new apartment. As he looked around, one wrong turn caused him to fall from the second floor onto an iron rod, which penetrated his skull. It traveled from one side clear to the other. Read more

Daphna Hyvroni takes care of the tiniest babies and now she has the biggest prize: Nurse of the Year

Daphna Hyvroni provides a lot more than just the technical skills and compassion needed in her role as Head Nurse of Hadassah's neonatal intensive care unit. Read more

Starting again at age 70: surgeon joins Hadassah’s neurosurgery team

At age 70, many professionals are thinking about settling down. When Prof Andrew Kaye moved from Australia to Israel at age 70, he became Hadassah's director of Neurosurgery Resident Training, and he hasn't looked back. Read more

Help Hadassah Hospital Fight COVID-19

COVID-19 is the deadliest health challenge the State of Israel has ever faced, and Jerusalem, Israel’s capital, is on the frontline of this battle. And it is Hadassah, Israel’s oldest and most trusted hospital that is bearing much of the weight. Read more