Hadassah Nurse in Ukraine reflects: Making a Difference on my birthday

Janna Raikhelgauz, born in Kyiv and now a nurse at Hadassah Hospital, left to participate in a humanitarian mission at the Hadassah refugee clinic on the Ukrainian-Polish border, where every day, the Hadassah team assists hundreds of Ukrainian citizens fleeing the fighting and requiring medical attention. “On the second day of our mission in Poland, I celebrated my 29th birthday." Read more

Cardiologist has heart attack at Hadassah while escorting friend

Dr. Benjamin Mazouz, a 70-year-old cardiologist, was at Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital keeping a friend company when he suddenly had a heart attack. He woke up in the Irma and Paul Milstein Heart Center after having undergone cardiac catheterization. Read more

Story of Elena and her children, Refugees from Ukraine

Elena fled Ukraine for safety in Poland, along with her 13-year-old twins and her 15-year-old son, Daniel, who has non-verbal autism. She says that they fled their home city of Kharkiv “at the last moment.” Read more

Reaching out to Ukrainian refugees one by one

In Poland, Hadassah staff are now scheduling regular visits to refugee centres, hostels, and even private homes that are hosting Ukrainian refugee families. Read more

When the fertility clock is ticking

Tovah, 43, realized her body clock for having a baby was ticking and her test results were disappointing. What if somehow doctors could half or even reverse the ageing of eggs? Hadassah Medical Organization researchers are trying to do so. Read more

Hadassah's humanitarian Mission in Poland for Ukrainians

“You see the despair on the refugees’ faces,” notes Dr. Beyth in Poland, “but when they hear the name Hadassah and that we have arrived to help, the people breathe easier because there is someone to rely on.” Read more

Nursing innovations at Hadassah put patients first

In our hospitals in Jerusalem, nurses are introducing virtual-reality headsets so patients can focus on calming landscapes during unpleasant procedures. Read more

Gandel Rehabilitation Center in The Australian Jewish News

"BELIEVED to be the largest ever single donation from Australia to Israel, a grant from the Gandel Foundation is enabling construction of a milestone rehabilitation centre in Jerusalem." -The Australian Jewish News, 4 Feb 2021, front page Read more

Father of two goes cycling with Hadassah doctor who saved his life

Following brain surgery and long rehabilitation, Oshri Bokobza went cycling with Dr. Samuel Moscovici, the Hadassah neurosurgeon who treated the benign tumor in his brainstem. Read more

Helping Children Deal with Trauma

13-year-old Meirav was hit by a car near her home in Jerusalem in the spring of 2021. Her injuries were minor but the emergency care physicians at the Hadassah Medical Organization who first saw the pale and silent teen diagnosed her with post-traumatic stress and referred her for help. Read more

Twin births don’t automatically require C-sections, says Hadassah Ob-Gyn

The worldwide rate of giving birth to twins is at an all-time high. Does every double blessing mean a caesarean section for a safe birth? No, says Prof. Anat Walfisch, head of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Hadassah Mount Scopus. Read more

Wisdom from a Hadassah Hospital Medical Clown

The Hadassah Medical Organization will be celebrating 20 years of medical clowning with its “Dream Doctors.” Read more

2nd International Mental Health and Trauma Conference

Hadassah Australia will host the 2nd International Conference on Trauma and Mental Health 18-20 September, 2022. The 2017 inaugural conference, the first of its type, was hailed an outstanding success. Attracting many of the world’s leading mental health practitioners and researchers to Israel, it also resulted in the sharing of important information on issues around trauma, mental health and PTSD. The 2022 conference theme is "The Impacts of Trauma and Adversity: Challenged and Innovations" Read more