With Hadassah Australia by their side, young Ethiopian-Israelis are daring to dream that one day they can become respected health professionals.

Their parents faced many roadblocks in their quest to leave their ancestral home to build a better life in Israel.  Their children are now progressing with their plans to establish a future on the back of their parents’ struggle.  Success will not only reflect well on them, but on their families and the wider Ethiopian community.

Hadassah Australia is investing in these young people through the Hadassah-Achotenu Ethiopian Scholarships in Health

Increasingly, Israel will appreciate the impact that young Ethiopian-Israeli nurses and occupational therapists are having on the country’s health system.  Not only in the quality of healthcare through exceptional training at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and in the wards of Hadassah Hospital, but by playing their part in relieving the stress on Israel’s overstretched health system.

We adopted this ground-breaking program because it embodies the values of Hadassah’s founder, Henrietta Szold.  She believed that all the people of Israel, irrespective of their religion, nationality, gender or financial circumstances, deserve the best healthcare possible. 

Recently, through our Rosh Hashana Appeal, we raised significant funds that will enable us to continue with our dream of giving hope to young people from a marginalised community.   

We asked for your help to provide a continuing pathway for these young people, and you responded generously. Thank you!

These young role models have already served Israel, including through their army or national service.  Now they are studying to enable themselves to become nurses or occupational therapists, which are highly-valued professions of choice.

Together we are helping to build individual lives, family joy and social cohesion in a country that is fighting many battles on many fronts.

We would like to thank kind friends in the local area who provided their front fences for our community boards, generously sponsored by Hodges Real Estate in Caulfield. You helped brighten the locked-down streets and encouraged others to participate in our campaign. We greatly appreciate your support.

“We are working hard to ensure a pathway for the next group of Ethiopian-Israeli student nurses and occupational therapists to complete their five years of intensive undergraduate study in Israel,”

says Ruth Rosen, Executive Director of Hadassah Australia.

We would like to acknowledge Elise Borsky and Hadassah Australia Board Director Lynda Brest for nominating the scholarships in lieu of gifts for their respective events (see their story in ‘Celebrate, Donate, Create’ in this issue).

Please join us and follow the amazing journey of our new cohort of Ethiopian-Israeli students which will culminate with their graduation in 2025.  You’ll find their story in Hadassah-Achotenu Ethiopian Scholarships in Health.

For more details of how you can make a significant difference, please speak to a member of our Development team: Dorit Jaffe in Melbourne and Rosemary Carrick in Sydney.