Two new members of the Hadassah Australia team are assisting us as we confront the challenges of a post-pandemic environment.

While much of the country has been in lockdown, Hadassah Australia has been preparing the groundwork for an expanded presence as we transition to fully reopening.

Central to that is the appointment of two new members of our team.

Dorit Jaffe. Development, Fundraising & Engagement Manager

Dorit Jaffe came onboard in June as Development, Fundraising & Engagement Manager.  This is a critical skill-set that will assist Hadassah Australia to meet its funding objectives for a range of important programs.

Dorit’s talent and enthusiasm have been evident in her warm and skillful engagement with donors and supporters.  Her contribution to the team is highly valued and she would be delighted to meet you!

Rose Livingston. Communications & Digital Marketing Manager

Rose Livingston is the newly appointed Communications & Digital Marketing Manager.  Her important role is to articulate our message clearly and passionately to a range of stakeholders. You can look forward to seeing positive and exciting changes in our online and offline communications, as Rose settles in and displays her outstanding skills and talents.

Both Dorit and Rose are Melbourne-based.