Two of Hadassah’s world-renowned doctors and researchers, Prof. Orly Elpeleg, Head of Genetics and Metabolic Diseases, and Dr. David Arkadir, Senior Physician in the Department of Neurology and Head of Parkinson’s research, were invited to share their expertise with audiences in both Mexico and Brazil. They proudly introduced both professional medical groups and interested lay audiences in both countries to the Hadassah vision that Genetics will be developing and advancing the future of medicine, and that it is an area of expertise where Hadassah is already a world leader. The doctors were accompanied by Jorge Diener, Associate Director of Hadassah International and Ethel Fainstein, Hadassah International Director for Latin America.

Prof. Orly Elpeleg lectures at Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein

Prof. Elpeleg has been able to identify over 100 mutant genes underlying rare genetic defects caused by the high rate of consanguineous marriage in the Middle East. She believes that understanding the genetic cause of diseases is where the future of medicine is moving. It is key to possibly finding a potential cure for many diseases.

Dr. David Arkadir’s research at Hadassah shows that Genetics is key for a cure for Parkinson’s disease.

Dr. David Arkadir at Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein

Prof. Elpeleg and Dr. Arkadir spoke in Mexico City to doctors at the ISSSTE (Instituto de Seguridad y Servicios Sociales de los Trabajadores del Estado – Institute of Social Security and Services of State Workers) as well as to invited attendees at a private venue.

In São Paulo, Brazil, both Hadassah doctors spoke to eager medical audiences at the Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein. Hadassah has an ongoing relationship with this hospital which is considered to be one of the best hospitals in Latin America.

Participants in both countries came away with a new understanding of the role of Genetics as the key to the cure for many diseases, and that Hadassah Medical Center is leading the way.

Prof. Elpeleg was interviewed for an amazing feature program at prime Televisa News channel in Mexico, where she talked about the revolutionary genetic research and clinical work she leads at Hadassah. During the interview, she took care to point out that Hadassah regards everyone as equal, regardless of their ethnic origin or religion.