Much has been written about the innovative program at Hadassah Hospital to assist Ethiopian-Israelis achieve their dream of a career in nursing. Less is known about the man whose vision and dedication helped to create the program that is empowering an under-privileged community in Israel.

His name is Rav Yosef Zvi Rimon.

Ruth Rosen, Executive Director of Hadassah Australia, and Eric Cheng, its Development Director for Victoria, recently met with Rav Yosef Zvi Rimon and his assistant, Gilad Cohen, during their visit to Melbourne. Rav Rimon was keynote speaker at a Mizrahi conference.

From left: Gilad Cohen, Eric Cheng, Rabbi Yosef Rimon, Ruth Rosen

Says Ruth: “Rav Rimon is an acclaimed rabbi, Torah scholar and educator. Among his innovative community and education initiatives is a breakthrough approach that led to the establishment of the Achoteinu-Hadassah partnership for Ethiopian Nursing scholarships. This has been adopted by Hadassah Australia in partnership with UIA.

“Rav Rimon’s vision of a different education pathway has given expression to the dream of the Ethiopian-Israelis for a better life, a way to build their own and their community’s future. At the same time it is giving back to Israel by boosting much-needed nursing numbers.

“His winning personality and dedication through his La-Ofek organisation is helping young people break out of poverty cycles to learn, build better lives and contribute to society.

“He is delighted that Hadassah’s Ethiopian Nursing Scholarship campaign will forge closer ties between Australia’s Jewish community and the Ethiopian community. He thanked Hadassah Australia for acknowledging the importance of the program.

The Ethiopian nursing scholarship program plays a vital role in ensuring the future of the nursing profession in Israel. Hadassah is facilitating the training of nurses from underprivileged Ethiopian communities and ensuring ethnic and cultural representation in the field of nursing.

Help us to help them by giving these Ethiopian students a hand up – not a handout – by donating generously to Hadassah’s Ethiopian Nursing Scholarship initiative.