COVID-19 is the deadliest health challenge the State of Israel has ever faced, and Jerusalem, Israel’s capital, is on the frontline of this battle. Almost one quarter of all deaths in Israel have been in Jerusalem.

And it is Hadassah, Israel’s oldest and most trusted hospital that is bearing much of the weight.

The demand on Hadassah and its staff is truly enormous, and the Hospital’s dedicated healthcare professionals are rising to the challenge, working around the clock and putting their own lives on the line to help the people of Jerusalem survive this deadly pandemic. 

With more than 100 lives already lost nationally and in anticipation of a dramatic increase in critical care cases, Hadassah needs to add 730 beds for COVID-19 patients, of which 240 are to be ventilated intensive care beds.

This is a significant unplanned operational and financial commitment. It demands a strategic partnership between Hadassah, the Government of Israel and us, the global Jewish community.

Hadassah Australia, together with Hadassah International, will do its part to urgently fundraise for 38 ICU invasive ventilators that will be used for critically-ill patients. Our commitment to this global effort is to raise $300,000 to buy 4 of the 38 urgently needed ventilators before 30 June. 

Every generous dollar raised from the Australian community will help to fund the lifesaving ventilators and the personal protection equipment essential to prevent staff from catching the virus while they do their lifesaving work.

For program or donation enquiries please contact Rosemary Carrick.