03 January 2020

The Directors of Hadassah Australia have given their strong support to the President of the Zionist Federation of Australia, Jeremy Leibler, who in a letter to Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu on 29 December, condemned the appointment of United Torah Judaism’s Yaakov Litzman MK, to the position of Health Minister in Israel.

President of Hadassah Australia Ron Finkel praised the principled stand of Jeremy Leibler and the ZFA. Finkel said “it is truly difficult to comprehend how Litzman, who the Israeli police have recommended be indicted for bribery, fraud, witness tampering and breach of trust in relation to the alleged serial sexual abuse by Malka Leifer, could be elevated to the most senior position of responsibility in the Israeli health system”.

Finkel also noted that Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem has a deep and long-standing commitment to the support of victims of sexual abuse in Israel. Hadassah’s Bat Ami Center for the immediate treatment and assessment of victims of sexual abuse is the only facility of its kind in southern Israel.

Hadassah Australia strongly supports the speedy extradition of Malka Leifer to Australia and the opportunity for her victims to have their allegations heard in an Australian court as soon as possible.