Describing her pioneering role as “a great responsibility with a lot of pride,” Dr. Shaden Salameh is the first Arab female doctor to head up a hospital emergency room in Israel.

As director of the Hadassah Hospital Mount Scopus Emergency Medicine Department, Dr. Salameh explains that the greater the challenge, the more motivated she is. As the mother of three young children under six, and married to a physician, she attributes part of her ability to juggle her demanding life to the ability of women to multitask.

Throughout her journey to become a doctor, many people told her she would not be able to do it. But, as she says, she views obstacles as opportunities.

Dr Shaden Salameh grew up in the village of Tur’an, located near Nazareth in the North of Israel. The oldest of five children, her father was a teacher and her mother was devoted to her home and to her family. The effort clearly paid off: Shaden’s siblings are all successful – one brother is a lawyer, one is in hi-tech and another is an EMT, while her sister is a pharmacist in Jerusalem.

And while success has been plentiful in the Salameh family, Shaden’s achievement of becoming the first Arab woman to head-up an emergency room in the State of Israel – with ceiling glass shattering all around – is achievement extraordinaire.

Original articles published on Hadassah International on 31 July 2019 and by F. Friedson on The Jerusalem Post on 12 July 2019. Click here and here to read originals.