The ministry report for 2020 places Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem in first place in the major hospital category and Hadassah Hospital Mount Scopus at the top in the category of small-campus hospitals. Both received the maximum score of 10.

The scoresheet takes into account a vast array of services. Among them are the ability to perform heart catheterization in under 90 minutes from the moment a patient is admitted (Israel tops the world in this category), stroke treatment, prevention of in-hospital infections and detection of depression among its patients. 

Waiting times for a patient’s triage in Hadassah Ein Kerem’s emergency room average just 5 minutes, according to the document published July 28.

Hadassah International’s Together We Live Year in Review 2020 showcased the outstanding work of the hospital not only in its treatment of patients throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, but through its series of education online webinars that shared the wisdom, experience and scientific knowledge of Hadassah’s leading medical professionals.

The hospital is also notable for its outreach into the community.  This is in its DNA, having started more than a century ago in then-Palestine with community-based nursing.

Today, Hadassah is associated with a range of in-community services, including Goshen (see story this issue) and the Binational School of Psychotherapy which provides training for Palestinian child psychologists working in the West Bank and Gaza as well as Israelis.

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