“There are moments here at Hadassah Ein Kerem when words are unnecessary. Moments of a pained sigh or strained breath.

It’s already a few weeks now that our daily lives are comprised of these moments.

Moments of corona.

Some are harder, others more optimistic.

All suspected of being sick, those displaying the symptoms are brought here. The symptomatic. That’s what everyone calls them.

Dr Ahmad Naama with a coronavirus patient in the Hadassah ER

We move among them, from bed to bed in the biological trauma unit apart from our regular trauma area, among patients, their conditions varying in severity, including serious. Treating, supporting, calming, empathizing and mainly waiting for the test results. Positive or negative? Their faces question each time we’re near.

This war belongs to us all. Arabs, Jews, religious, secular. In Israel, abroad. This plague doesn’t take root in origin or nationality. Through the masks, it doesn’t check in whom you believe. It attacks everyone. And this everyone? This everyone includes those fighting it. Arabs, Jews, religious, secular. Our team at Hadassah includes them all. Treats all. We don’t distinguish between language, customs or skullcap.

For now, we’re covered from head to toe, moving from bed to bed. Our patients are suffering from fever or breathlessness and all that I hope is that they can see our eyes. This reflects everything we want to tell them.”

*Written by Dr Ahmad Naama, Senior Emergency Room Physician at Hadassah Ein Kerem