Holding a deep conviction that research is the essence of medicine, Hadassah is committed to advancing and developing the field of medicine in Israel by translating research insights into practical advances that not only prolong but enhance the quality of life. In light of this, Hadassah has set excellence in research as one of the highest of its goals and made research activity its norm. Every department, unit and clinical institute at Hadassah includes a research arm with state-of-the-art laboratories.

A substantial proportion of research at Hadassah is done in cooperation with researchers from the Hebrew University, as well as other institutes in Israel and worldwide. Hadassah’s research labs are an inseparable part of the hospital’s clinical departments. 

There is a golden triangle in which education and research go hand in hand with clinical excellence. We believe that cutting-edge medicine is practised when physicians are actively involved in research.”

 Prof. Eyal Mishani, Ph.D Head, Research & Development Division, Hadassah Hospital, Jerusalem

In addition, research also takes place in designated research units and in multi-disciplinary research centers, such as the Women’s Health Center, the Gene Therapy Center, the Bone Marrow Transplantation Center, Cancer Immunotherapy and Cell Therapy, the Bone Calcium and Metabolism Research Center, and others. Hadassah is establishing cooperative centers for the prevention, treatment and research of specific diseases, such as the Diabetes Center, the Lupus Center, the IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) Center, the Cardiovascular Disease Research Center, and others. Currently, Hadassah researchers are looking into ways of stopping the lethal recurrence of melanoma; how to prevent a fatal heart-valve disorder from occurring; how to know whether a lung cancer treatment will be effective before its administered; and how to prompt pancreatic cells to produce more insulin.