Twenty-five-year-old Mazal is one of five children. She and her family live in the southern town of Kiryat Gat, home to a mixture of Israeli ethnic sectors — Jews from Morocco and other Middle Eastern countries who originally settled in the town in the 1950s, plus a substantial Russian contingent who made it their home during the large wave of Aliyah from the former USSR, and a good number of Ethiopians.

Mazal was ‘first bitten’ by the nursing profession during her military service, when she worked in one of Israel’s hospitals. It was then that she decided to devote her life to helping others.

As with many of her peers, the pre-academic preparatory (mechina) program became more difficult for Mazal when the coronavirus pandemic led to the closure of university's dormitories with students sent home to study via zoom. Physical circumstances were difficult — small homes, many people living under one roof, the lack of privacy and the loss of direct contact with other students.

Despite the significant challenges posed by COVID, Mazal passed her preparatory year exams.

Although she returned to the university dorm in September for the start of the first academic year of her degree, she continues to study via zoom. However, Mazal cheerfully reports that circumstances are a good deal easier now that she has her fellow classmates around her with whom she can learn.

Most of all, Mazal is thankful for the financial support that the Ethiopian Nursing Scholarship program provides. It means that she is able to totally devote her time and energy to the demands of her course load and is relieved of all financial worries. Without this assistance she says a career in nursing would have been an impossibility.

I want to say thank you to the generous donors who are making all of this possible for me and my fellow students.

Fondly supported by:
Julie & Lance Rosenberg and family in memory of Sadie Fink.

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