Twenty-four year old Hodaya, one of four children who lives with her family in Netanya, has a somewhat different story than her peers in the fourth cohort. From a young age she was encouraged to study nursing by her mother. Her mother’s dream for her, became her dream for herself.

In spite of setting her sights on nursing, Hodaya found the preparatory program extremely challenging for two key reasons. One, it’s been some time since she was in a formal educational framework, so she had to cultivate new study and time management skills. Two, while she understood the importance of studying chemistry, it was the first time she had been exposed to it and she found it very difficult.

With the support of the program's director tutors and counsellors, Hodaya’s hard work, perseverance, and commitment to follow her goal paid off. She passed her exams, and commenced the first year of her academic degree in October.

Nursing is more than just another profession for Hodaya. It’s an opportunity to give emotional and physical support to another and make a real difference in the lives of people who are sick and vulnerable. Hodaya also greatly values the economic opportunity having a degree in an in-demand profession will provide.

This scholarship is very important to me. Yes, it helps me during my degree with financial and academic support, but equally as important, it paves the way for me to support my future family with dignity. I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful opportunity your support has given me.

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