A little bit about Tigiste

In Amharic Tigiste means, ‘patience’ and this is the beautiful quality that guides Tigiste throughout her nursing studies.

“I wanted a career in which I could not only help people but feel that I am fulfilling my ‘shlichut’ — my mission,” she says.

Tigiste made Aliyah with her parents and six siblings in the fourth Ethiopian Aliyah wave in 1997. The family grew to eight children and settled in Haifa. Tigiste is inspired by her older sister who has been a nurse for the past decade.

Tigiste is grateful for the scholarship, which enables her to fully focus on her studies. Her parents are excited and understandably proud of their daughter. They believe education is a powerful tool that provides people with choices. To see their daughter attending The Hebrew University, and investing all of her energies in her studies is all that they could have hoped for.