A little bit about Sivan

Sivan is studying towards her academic degree in Occupational Therapy in the Faculty of Medicine at The Hebrew University.

She is grateful for the opportunity to study “a subject that integrates all that I have been searching for these past two years.” She is even more grateful for the scholarship which gives her “breathing space” so that she can fully apply herself to her studies.

Sivan’s family lives in Netanya. Her parents were airlifted to Israel in Operation Solomon in 1991 — the third airlift of Ethiopian Jews to Israel.

Although the Ethiopian Jewish community dreamed of Jerusalem for generations and prayed to see it in their lifetime, Sivan’s parents were among the 14,325 Jews who were lucky enough to see their dream actually become a reality.

Today, Sivan’s parents are realising another dream — seeing their daughter on the path to a university degree and a professional career.

Throughout the years, they have urged and encouraged their six children to believe that education can unlock the door to a better life.

Sivan says that her parents taught her the importance of using both her heart and her head when choosing a career. They instilled in their daughter the importance of financial security, but they also urged her to find a profession that she could feel passionate about.

Now that she is on the path to becoming a fully-fledged occupational therapist, Sivan is convinced she has done just that.

Her parents are justifiably proud of the path that their daughter has chosen. Her younger siblings understand that as they progress towards their own future, the example set by Sivan is opening doors for them too.