A little bit about Shirli

Shirli is 22 years old and lives with her parents and three siblings in Netanya. Shirli’s parents made Aliyah as young children, and today have paved a new life for themselves.

Edna works at the Ministry of Health. Chanan started a business importing teff, a flour used by Ethiopians to make their traditional injera bread. Shirli’s older 25-year old brother, Netanel, has joined his father in the business.

Shirli’s younger sister, Lital is 17 years old, and her brother, Noam is 12 years old.

Shirli first heard about the Hadassah-Achotenu Scholarships through the sister of a friend who is currently in the first academic year of the program.

To learn more about the scholarships, Shirli decided to participate in the zoom open house and her enthusiasm for the program only grew.

“I chose nursing because I was very interested in working in a profession where I could help people. The medical field has always been on my radar because I'm especially drawn to the hands-on care of patients.”

Shirli is ambitious. She has set her sights on not just completing the 5-year academic program, but continuing on to earn a second and third degree.

“My parents are very happy and proud of me and the career path I have chosen. They support my ambitions for the future.”

"I believe it is very important that Ethiopian- Israelis become a greater part of the medical establishment. If we want to be accepted by Israeli society, we have to show our willingness to contribute to it".

"There is no doubt that nursing is a necessary and commendable profession that can influence the nuclear family and any future family that we establish.”