A little bit about Shani

Shani began her search for a profession that would “last her a lifetime” last year during the peak of Israel's COVID pandemic. It was a difficult undertaking given that COVID was felling so many businesses and causing people to rethink and reconsider their own career paths.

Nursing was not initially on Shani's radar, but the conflation of the Hadassah-Achotenu program and its attendant benefits, combined with her desire to advance professionally and give to others, led Shani to consider nursing.

“It is a world unto itself, where the ability to help and give to others engenders great satisfaction,” Shani says.

The scholarship and support that Shani is receiving is vital to her ability to continue with her studies, as she forges her way towards a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Without this help, she simply could not continue.

One of eight children, she and her twin sister are the only two in the family who are currently on an academic track.

Two vital qualities that are essential to be a good nurse are courage and tenacity. These qualities are embedded in Shani’s family DNA.

Her parents, with a 3-year old toddler in hand, made the long 1,000 kilometer trek by foot to Sudan in 1985 from their small farming village near Gondar. The journey took weeks and was fraught with indescribable hardships. It's estimated that starvation, disease and violence lead to the death of as many as 4,000 men, women and children along the way.

Today, Shani begins her own personal journey. Her parents look upon her with great pride and love. Their dream for her is that she should succeed in her own chosen path.

When asked where she would eventually like to work or specialise in, Shani is cautious in her response:

“I am taking this one step at a time.”

Just as her parents did when they began their own journey to Eretz Yisrael.

Nursing is Shani’s ultimate goal, and the Hadassah-Achotenu Nursing Scholarship program will help her achieve it.