A little bit about Ruth

For a number of years, Ruth considered studying medicine. What led her to change her mind were her frequent visits as a volunteer paramedic at Magen David Adom. It gave her a close-up view of the nursing profession and made her realise that it was the profound connection between patient and nurse that she truly sought.

“When I finished my military service in December 2019, I immediately had to find work to support myself. Unfortunately, I couldn’t possibly save enough for university.

This scholarship allows me to completely focus on my studies. I do not have to worry about living expenses, dorms or academic costs. My whole existence right now is just studying.”

Ruth is the oldest of three children, and the first to attend university. Her parents are fully supportive — and proud — of their daughter and the hope is that Ruth will serve as the vanguard for her younger siblings, moving them all to a more secure, financially independent future.

Ruth is already thinking about what she wants to do after she graduates, and is always raising the bar for herself. Her dream is to become a nurse in either the ICU, neurology, or the operating theatres.

Earning a master’s degree is also on the horizon.

Ruth found that she quickly adapted to zoom learning a requirement due to COVID. She says that not being able to mix with her fellow students at the beginning of the school year, while disappointing, also gave her more time to dream about her future.

Ruth's dreams, like her ambition, are big. With four more years ahead of her, and with the help and support of the Hadassah-Achotenu Scholarship, the sky is the limit.