A little bit about Rivka

Rivka, a 20-year old from Beit Shemesh, did her two-year national service at Shaarei Zedek Hospital in Jerusalem. She decided to study nursing because, as she says, she sees the profession as a “holy” one that helps those in need.

She believes it is also a profession that provides a lot of satisfaction and is varied, allowing the individual to work in different capacities in various facilities and opening doors to a multitude of opportunities.

What had prevented Rivka from being accepted into an academic nursing program until now, was the psychometric exam. Her scores were simply not high enough to gain entry.

The Hadassah-Achotenu Ethiopian Nursing Scholarship program with its alternative criteria overcomes this problem.

Moreover, the full academic scholarship and financial help provide a firm safety net and provide Rivka and her fellow scholarship students with security.

Rivka is one of eight children. She has one sister who is a nurse and a brother who is finishing up his final year of nursing studies. Another sister is completing her master’s in social work and a fourth sibling is in her fourth year of pharmaceutical studies. Her younger brother is in the IDF and a younger sister is doing her national service.

Education is helping to transform the lives of Rivka and her siblings. The example set by her older siblings allowed Rivka to believe she too was capable of earning a degree and having a fulfilling career. She hopes that her younger siblings will be equally inspired by her efforts.