A little bit about Rivka

“I realise that this sounds a bit cliched, but I want to be a nurse, because this is a mission-focused profession. On the practical level, nursing offers numerous challenges, diversity, and financial independence.” Rivka says.

Rivka, well ensconced in her first preparatory year of nursing studies at The Hebrew University, joins the 80 strong Hadassah-Achotenu students on their journey to becoming nurses in Israel’s medical institutions.

In 1991, Rivka’s parents made Aliyah from Ethiopia. One of four children, Rivka gives full credit to her mother for her drive and determination to become a nurse.

“My father left home when I was a little girl, and we haven’t heard from him since.

I refer to my mother as the lioness of the family. With her minimal salary as a cleaner, she has devoted herself entirely to our well- being.”

In spite of the many obstacles — financial and academic — when Rivka saw the posting on Facebook about the Hadassah-Achotenu scholarship she decided, “this was exactly what I was looking for.”

Rivka applied and was accepted into the program. She quickly adapted to the zoom learning and is enjoying the academic challenges.

“The scholarship is not only a life-saver for me but gives me hope that my ambitions can be realised.”

Her ambitions? To become a certified midwife or a nurse in the operating theatre at Hadassah Hospital.

The first in her family to attend university, Rivka will become a ‘lioness’ herself. She will be the role model that her mother wanted her to be and a role model for her community and Israeli society.