NSW Committee meets waste guru Ronni Kahn

What a privilege it was for the Hadassah Australia NSW Committee to share time at their June meeting with OzHarvest founder and food waste warrior Ronni Kahn.

Ronni shared some of her insights about how to get what you need for the cause. As documentary maker Dan Goldberg notes in his Plus61J article:

“Ronni is no shrinking violet, admitting in the film that she has ‘an enormous amount of chutzpah’ that she’s prepared to use ‘to the nth degree’. . . She unashamedly requests donations, reprimands food wasters and riles government and big business in her bid to drag them towards a waste-free world”.

Ronni’s humour, integrity and willingness to share her experiences are fantastic and will certainly inspire Hadassah Australia’s fund raising initiatives. Thank you Ronnie!

Read more about Ronni, OzHarvest and the food waste documentary Food Fighter at  Plus 61J.

Perth Telethon raises money for JCIC

Our community in Perth has achieved a milestone with its current Telethon in support of the Jerusalem Crisis Intervention Center (JCIC). The Telethon drive will continue till the end of July so there is still time to make your donation!

Through the leadership of our tireless and passionate WA Committee, over $32,000 has already been raised towards this vital service that is supporting vulnerable young people in Jerusalem. Hadassah Australia was the first organisation to support the JCIC and its founding director, Dr Esti Galili-Weisstub, after it opened in 2006. We remain the largest non-government funder and a shining example of how a community can change the paradigm for children affected by terror, sexual assault, bullying and family dysfunction.

Many members of the community have met Esti during her visits to Australia. The results from this latest telethon demonstrate that Esti and the JCIC continue to enjoy a high level of support for their vital work. Esti has always maintained that the health of a society rests as much on the emotional and psychological well-being of its people, as on any other marker.

As  a result of the money raised, the JCIC can now employ additional therapists to deal with the ever-increasing demand for its services.

We would like to thank everyone who has already donated and especially thank the WA Committee who are driving the Telethon – Shirley Atlas, Lionel and Vicki King, Charmaine Ryan and Linton and Bronia Sharp, whose untiring efforts are greatly appreciated.

STEM Neurological Disease Campaign

We are on the way to reaching our target of $500,000 towards funding the final trials of MS research at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. But we’re not there yet! Why is it so important that Hadassah completes these trials? Because the results of the earlier trials initiated by Professor Dimitrios Karussis and his team at Hadassah suggest that we’re closer than ever to eradicating this insidious disease. MS has prematurely robbed people of their quality of life and resulted in the premature death of many.

Prof. Karussis has advised us that results from the current trial should be known shortly. He believes the collated results will show that his stem replacement therapy is successful, and he will move to the third and final trial stage.

Hadassah Australia, together with MS Research Australia (MSRA) are cautiously confident that Australia may be included as a centre for this final stage of the trials.

We need your support to make this happen. Together we can raise the funds to enable Professor Karussis to complete the third set of trials and make this groundbreaking treatment available to all MS suffers.

We invite you to be a part of making a real difference. Your support is vital if we want to end MS in our lifetime.

Quick work by Hadassah surgeons saves leg of toddler injured by chemical burn

Hadassah Medical Center emergency room staff recognised that the little girl was suffering from a severe chemical burn, caused by leaked chemicals from the fruit processing factory, the girl and her family had been visiting. They consulted the head of the Plastic Surgery Department Alex Margolis and senior surgeon Max Sirota.

“After many days of worry, the important thing is that our child is fine. We hope that the healing will continue and that she will return to running around with her friends,” said the father. “The medical treatment and care we received at Hadassah were excellent, and it is clear that the team did their absolute best for our daughter.”