A little bit about Ma'ayan

Ma'ayan comes from a family of five. Her mother, 45 year old Tarongo, works in a glass factory. Her 48 year old father is disabled and receives National Insurance subsidies. “I come from a relatively small family. My older sister, 26-year old Esther, works for a linen and towels company, and Eden, my 17-year old younger sister is a high school student.”

Ma’ayan’s parents were airlifted to Israel during Operation Solomon in 1991, and all of the children were born in Israel. Higher education, they understood, was the key to earning a living, advancing in Israeli society and becoming financially independent. But given her family situation, Ma’ayan, who was supporting herself by working in a factory, was unsure how she would ever manage to get to university.

Ma’ayan's first encounter with occupational therapy was through her father. She was impressed with the OT services that he received following an illness. While her father was still unable to work, the therapy enabled him to function at a much higher level.

After attending a series of lectures on career choices at her local youth centre, Ma’ayan came to the realisation that she was most drawn to a profession that was varied and where she could gain personal satisfaction from helping people while making her family and her community proud.

When Ma’ayan heard about the new occupational therapy scholarships provided for Ethiopian Israeli students through the Hadassah-Achotenu program, it felt like "the answer to a prayer."

Ma’ayan submitted her application and was accepted. She earned a full academic scholarship and is extremely grateful for the financial assistance, dormitory accommodation and “the dedicated learning environment that has been created to help us.” She is even more convinced, as the year passes, that she made the right decision.

Ma’ayan can envision herself upon graduation quickly integrating into the health sector, and looks forward to, “Waking up in the morning with a smile on my face because I will be practising a profession that I love.”