A Little Bit About Kalkidan

Kalkidan (whose name means “promise”) ‘caught the nursing bug’ during her National Service stint at Hadassah Hospital-Ein Kerem. When she saw how devoted and caring the nurses were, she decided that it was a profession she wanted to be a part of.

Kalkidan knew the psychometric exam required for entry to all Israeli universities would be a major stumbling block. That's why when she read about the Hadassah-Achotenu program on Facebook, she jumped at the opportunity to apply.

Kalkidan was grateful to be accepted into the scholarship program and is firmly ensconced in her preparatory or 'mechina' year.

The oldest of two children, Kalkidan's younger sister is now doing her national service and is keeping a keen eye on her sister and beginning to think about her own future.

Kalkidan made Aliyah with her parents and baby sister in 2004. Not only is her sister carefully watching her as she proceeds on this path, but so are her parents. They are bursting with pride because of Kalkidan’s commitment to her studies and her choice of profession.

One of 14 students in the Hadassah - Achotenu Ethiopian University Scholarships in Health, Kalkidan expresses her gratitude for the scholarship: “It gives me peace of mind, allowing me to fully concentrate on the one thing that will advance me in my profession — my studies. The teaching faculty is good, and I have had no problem with the zoom learning, so right now, it’s all about just focusing, studying and learning and that’s what the scholarship allows me to do.”

It is fitting that her name means 'promise' because, for others in her community, Kalkidan represents the promise of a better future for Ethiopian Israelis.