A little bit about Ingindoai

Ingindoai made Aliyah with her mother and three of her siblings when she was a young girl. Today, her mother can look with pride at all her family is accomplishing. Ingindoai’s older sister is also studying nursing, and there is no doubt that this family will have a major influence on their own families as well as their communities.

For Ingindoai, nursing is a profession that perfectly combines her love of biology with her desire to work with people.

After careful consideration, she decided to apply to the Hadassah-Achotenu Ethiopian Nursing Scholarship program. To her joy, she was accepted, and is now working hard in the preparatory program.

Joining the program during the height of COVID meant that she was distanced from her fellow students and had to study via zoom. While she did manage to get used to it, Ingindoai is relieved to now be living at the university dormitory.

Unlike at home, the University accommodation provides Ingindoai with privacy and a quiet space to study.

It's the wrap-around services, particularly the financial help and full academic scholarship, which provide her with the ideal avenue for achieving her goals.

Her focus is on studying and becoming the best possible nurse she can be.

“I can't imagine a better career than one where I get to help others. My dream is to be a nurse in a hospital in Jerusalem where I can come to work every day and know that I am making a difference.” And with the chronic shortage of nurses in Israel, we know that Ingindoai and her classmates will be welcomed with open arms by Israel's health sector.