Active artist for the past 25 years: street theatre, clowning, stage arts, improvisation and professional medical clowning. Graduate of the “Maharaba” Group/School, graduate of Haifa University’s Theatre and Therapy – Medical Clowning Stream. Involved since 2002, I was one of the founders of medical clowning in Israel and from the time the ‘Dream Doctors’ project was established, I have been working on a permanent basis at Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem. Apart from being an active clown, I am the professional coordinator of the Medical Clowns ‘Dream Doctors’ and responsible for expanding the project into additional hospitals in Israel. I am also a clown teacher and mentor in Israel and around the world.

Dush has been active in humanitarian clowning in disaster areas around the world such as:

  • Northern bomb shelters during the second Lebanon War
  • Bomb Shelters and populated areas in the south – various IDF military activity in southern Israel since 2004
  • January 2005 – Thailand – Tsunami disaster areas
  • January 2009 – North India – TCV orphanages
  • January 2010 – Haiti earthquake (as a Clown in the IDF mission)
  • Ethiopia – art-joy-love, orphanages for HIV positive carrier children, other hospitals and towns
  • Professional mentoring and programs through the Foreign Ministry in Nepal, Vietnam, Singapore, Bulgaria, Ethiopia and more
  • Artistic mentoring and workshops: Australia, England, The United States

Professional activity at the hospital:

  • Outpatients and Day Procedures Clinics
  • Paediatric Unit
  • Oncology and Hematology day clinics
  • Paediatric Emergency and Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
  • Adult Emergency and Intensive Care Unit (ICU)