A little bit about Deborah

Born in Ethiopia, Deborah made Aliyah with her parents and older siblings when she was six years old. Her father has a very part-time job and her mother is unable to work for health reasons. Despite their hardships, all of their children are in the process of earning their undergraduate degrees.

Deborah found nursing through an interest in science and people. What was preventing her from realising her dreams was the psychometric exam and financial assistance.

The Hadassah-Achotenu program provided Deborah with a solution. Accepted under alternative criteria, Deborah is now in her preparatory year at The Hebrew University.

To date, all subjects have been taught via zoom due to the pandemic. Deborah is managing well, although she finds learning maths on zoom more difficult. “I am a people person,” she remarks. “The lack of actual contact with the instructor makes zoom learning that much more challenging.”

However, Deborah is determined and committed. “This nursing program is an experience I would not want to miss, and what makes it all possible is the financial assistance and wrap-around services that the scholarship provides.”